About Us

In 2012, my wife wanted a wine rack. As with most things, she wanted an elephant. I searched everywhere I could think of… department stores, boutiques, craft stores, online… I was unable to find anything suitable to our taste, and certainly not American made. With a CAD file and two sheets of 3/4-inch American made, birch veneer plywood, I set off to the local laser shop. The Double Elephants were created, albeit ridiculously heavy. My wife loved them… as did our friends and family. Through numerous requests for custom wine racks, we were able to refine the design and realized that there must be other people out there looking for similar products. In 2015, All-American Racks was born.

About All-American Racks

Established in 2015, All-American Racks bottle and wine racks are created entirely in the USA. Handcrafted, each rack is 100% American made, including all of the materials, which are sourced from American manufacturers. Being a small shop, most of our products are made to order and inherently have a lead time. When we’re not working on custom orders, we will produce items that are posted as in stock. We do everything in house, including CAD and graphic design, laser cutting, laser engraving and assembly. Please contact us with any ideas you may have for a custom bottle rack. We are confident that we can turn any idea into a conversation piece.